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About Las Vegas

If you are considering a move to the Las Vegas area, you have made the right choice! Nevada ranks as the number ONE “Most Livable City” due to its pro-business attitude, low tax burden and employment/product growth.


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So, why not live in the city with the best climate, most entertainment, lowest tax rates, lowest utility costs in the western U S — where the economy continues to thrive and employment offers unlimited opportunities – and the cost of living is lower than most metropolitan cities of the same size!

2015 Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 2015 Answer How many visitors come to Las Vegas?                      42,312,216

How many convention delegates visit?                                                                  5,891,151

How many conventions are held per year?                                                            21,306

What is Clark County’s gaming revenue?                                                               $9.6 Billion

What is Las Vegas Strip’s gaming revenue?                                                            $6.3 Billion

What is Downtown’s gaming revenue?                                                                    $542 Million

What is Boulder Strip’s gaming revenue?                                                                $784 Million

What is the average visitor’s gambling budget per trip?                                        $579

What is Las Vegas’ city-wide occupancy?                                                                  87.7%

What is Las Vegas’ hotel occupancy?                                                                         89.8%

What is Las Vegas’ motel occupancy?                                                                        68.3%

What is Las Vegas’ weekend occupancy?                                                                  93.7%

What is Las Vegas’ midweek occupancy?                                                                  85.2%

What is the U.S. national average hotel occupancy?                                               2 65.6%

What is the total number of enplaned/deplaned airline passengers?                 45,389,074

What is the average daily auto traffic: all major highways?                                   109,204

What is the average daily auto traffic: I-15 at NV/CA Border?                              44,419

What is the average nightly room rate?                                                                       $120

How many hotel/motel rooms are in Las Vegas?                                                       149,213

How long is the average visitor’s trip (in nights)?                                                      3.4

What % of visitors travel with someone under 21?                                                     8%

What is the average age of a visitor?                                                                              47.7

What % are first time visitors?                                                                                        16%

What % of visitors are from Southern California?                                                      25%

What % of visitors are International?                                                                            16%


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